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Sheet Materials

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We stock exterior plywood in a range of sizes: –
2440 x 1220 x 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm or 25mm.


Marine Plywood is also available in 2440 x 1220 x 12mm or 2440 x 1220 x 18mm sheets. And Sheathing plywood comes in 9.5mm, 12.5mm or 18.5mm thicknesses.


We stock OSB 3 Sterling Board in 9mm, 11mm, 15mm and 18mm thicknesses, 2400 x 1200mm sheets and MDF in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and 25mm thicknesses, 2400 x 1200mm sheets.


We have P5 Chipboard Flooring in sheets of 2400 x 600 x 18mm or 22mm sizes. Protect Chipboard Flooring 2400 x 600 x 22mm. Peelclean Chipboard Flooring 2400 x 600 x 22mm.


We always have plenty of Plasterboard in stock and ready to take away on the day, 1800 x 900 x 12.5mm, 2400 x 1200 x 9.5mm, 12.5mm or 15mm, as well as 2700 x 1200 and 3000 x 1200 sheets in the 12.5mm. Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is also available. 

Drive-Through Collection

You can collect material using the drive-through lanes at our large warehouses in Forfar or Livingston, with designated loading areas so, whatever the weather, you and the materials you collect will be dry .
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